Sizzling hot urban

sizzling hot urban

A girl that is sexy, smart, cool, and loads of fun to be around. She's always smiling and there to help and she is so hot! Freakin sizzling HOT. # sizzling hot. Top Definition. baba ganoush. A guy or girl of Middle Eastern and Indian heritage who is throbbing hot. Example 1: My heart is throbbing, he is one. The Urban Dictionary Mug. One side has the word, sizzling when u put something on it or touch it . That girl is tsss meaning she is hot!!! or when u touch.

Sizzling hot urban - Jack

Lotsa space for your liquids. You tell her you need to access the bathroom stall quickly, just for some toilet paper to blow your nose. That's some sick sizzlin' shit u got there m8! Microwave and dishwasher safe. The long awaited solution to the diarrhea dilemma. As Roger went up for a layup, he tsss'd. Synonym of 'saying'; to understand. sizzling hot urban

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